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Intimate Weddings

You’re here because you’re not the typical bride and groom. You seek the thrill of an experience rather than life’s materials. You don’t want to miss out on the real things like campfire talks with your best buds, or trying a scary food because you lost a bet. That being said, you probably have way too many inside jokes about a road-trip that went rogue, and you might have assigned The Office characters to your friends and family (who’s the Kevin in your life?).

Your memories and experiences are the things that can’t become outdated or be taken away from you. Traveling the world and meeting new people electrifies you. You’ve probably kept a few travel secrets from you parents because they’d definitely lose some hair if they knew the whole truth. Maybe at first you thought about a traditional wedding, but then you realized: you’ve always escaped normal because it never worked for you anyway. So why should your wedding day be different? Let’s work together to create the ultimate wedding day. Say hey, and we’ll get started!