Behind the Lens

I’m a destination wedding photographer and adventure-seeker. I love that my camera connects me to people in such a unique way. Photography started out as a creative outlet but quickly turned into a consuming passion. I get to hang out with incredible humans who are crazy about each other while seeing as much of the world as I possibly can. Getting to know my couples by grabbing a drink, exploring, and running around with them is one of the many reasons I love my job. I live for the funny, awkward, and sweet moments that depict the authenticity of your relationship. I want to catch the emotions and the details in a way that makes you pause every time you look at the photo and feel it all over again.  

Get to Know Me

Outside of photography, I love finding live music, trying to keep all my plants alive, playing What Are the Odds (a game that takes the dare from Truth or Dare and combines it with luck) with my friends and usually losing. I’m super laid back and can get along with anyone, but I’m also a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I’ve been bungee jumping, sky-diving, and crowd surfing…if you count 20 people passing me around a small music venue in Vancouver. I love Jesus more than anything in this little world of ours. When I’m not being lazy, I train for half marathons, but I’m always down to watch some FRIENDS with a bowl of popcorn. The One Where Everybody Finds Out is my favorite, and I’m almost as good of a runner as Phoebe.


"My significant other and I not only had a spectacular time with Emily, our photos were developed beautifully. She definitely possesses a creative eye and is artistically gifted. I recommend Emily to anyone looking to have fun and for amazing pictures!" - Catharina

"Working with Emily as a photographer was a wonderful experience. She made us feel comfortable and at ease. Our true personalities showed up in the pictures. She was very professional." - Molly

Now that you know all about me and how I work, hop on over to the connect page and tell me about yourself. Let’s get started and create something extraordinary!