Granada Spain Elopement

Granada Spain Elopement

This elopement in Granada, Spain is already one of my favorites. Lindsey + Al are an edgy, New York couple who wanted to say their vows in south of Spain. Granada is known for the Alhambra, Flamenco dancing, and of course, the beautiful scenery. These two found the idea of saying “I do” in front of 100+ people a bit intimidating. They wanted a unique and intimate experience for their wedding day. I had scouted out the area surrounding the hotel with Full Cut, the videographer, earlier that day. Together, we found the perfect spot for the adventurous pair to say their vows and celebrate their commitment. 

The Day Unfolding

First, they spent the morning relaxing at La Bobadilla and getting ready for the day. Then Al went to the bar for a classic Manhattan drink to kill some time while Lindsey put on her dress. When it was time, Al waited at the top of the stairs to see his gorgeous bride for the first time. His excitement was written all over his face. Lindsey + Al wrote their own vows, and the emotions flowed as they made their promises to each other. They sealed it with a kiss, and then it was time to party! They loved a good beat and weren’t afraid to dance. As the sunset came to a close, we headed back to the car and returned to the hotel. It was an incredible start to their adventure as a married couple.

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Elopement Photography

I’m a Spain based wedding photographer. My passion is capturing the authenticity of your relationship + the essence of the experience. I help my couples create unique adventures.

I’ve traveled to 25+ countries, capturing destination weddings and elopements internationally. So whether you’re looking for a photographer in Scotland or Morocco, I’m always down to meet you for an incredible journey.

My couples are the daring ones who aren’t afraid to go after what they want + live in the moment. Reach out for more info, and let’s create something extraordinary!


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