Scandinavian Engagement Photos

Nordic Inspired Couple Session

I walked into Natascha and Christian’s apartment and instantly felt at home. They were so sweet and even had a spread of fruit and cookies as a welcome. They gave me the grand tour. The beauty of the minimal design inspired by the Nordic culture really resonated with me as a creative. I can’t get enough of this Nordic couple session. If you want Scandinavian engagement photos, but your place doesn’t have the vibe you want, don’t worry. Consider renting an Airbnb because they have some great options.  I’ve photographed Airbnb shoots with couples traveling or even just enjoying a “stay-cation” in their home town. Above all, choose an environment that you feel comfortable in. In the end, it doesn’t matter what’s on the walls. Your connection to each other is the most important thing.

Scandinavian Engagement Photos

Natascha and Christian had such a kindness about them. They set the tone with lit candles and relaxing music playing in the background. Music and candles create such a great atmosphere for Scandinavian engagement photos. These babes soaked up the slow Sunday afternoon, enjoying each other’s company. At first, their in-home session consisted of lounging in the living room and curling up with a book to read. Next, we moved to their room and they tangled up + got cozy. Finally, Christian and Natascha broke up the calm with a pillow fight. Relaxing is nice, however, I’m all for a little fun. So were they!

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I’m a Spain based wedding photographer. My passion is capturing the authenticity of your relationship + the essence of the experience. I help my couples create unique adventures.

I’ve traveled to 25+ countries, capturing destination weddings and elopements internationally. So whether you’re looking for a photographer in Scotland, Greece, or anywhere else in the world, I’m always down to meet you for more incredible journeys.

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