Pretoria Engagement Photos

Pretoria Engagement Photos

Getting to this more residential town in South Africa was not the easiest thing I’ve done. However, it was so incredibly worth it for these engagement photos in Pretoria. A 15 hour flight, a 45 minute Uber, and a borrowed phone later, I arrived at the destination. I met up with a super sweet and talented South African photographer and her friend. We had so much in common and instantly bonded. First we explored Pretoria from a local’s perspective. Then we met up with the stunning couple, Benjamin and Alicia! The rain held off as we wandered around in a tucked away wooded area.

South Africa

I always love engagement photo sessions because they’re such a good opportunity for me to get to know my couples, and vice versa. Make the location somewhere you love, whether that’s Pretoria, South Africa or a hike in Spain. Choose an environment that allows you to be comfortable and completely free to be yourselves. I loved spending time with Benjamin and Alicia and learning about their life in South Africa and their relationship with each other.

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Transportation in South Africa

As I mentioned earlier, it was a bit complicated getting around South Africa. It’s not a big deal if you’re staying inside the big cities. I encourage branching out, but you should know what you’re getting into. Check out this article I found about transportation options in South Africa. I always suggest knowing what you’re getting into before you travel to a foreign country. Be smart and cautious, but don’t let all the talk about the dangers of South Africa scare you out of seeing the beautiful country.

P.S. if you rent a car, make sure you get full insurance coverage. The roads outside the big cities aren’t always kept up well. We popped not one, but two tires on our road trip! A pothole caused one, and the other was getting used to driving on the opposite side of the road (oops!). Thankfully our insurance covered everything.


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