All You Need to Know About Mentor Sessions

You can have your dream job + lifestyle. You don’t need thousands of Instagram followers or to be a celebrity photographer. There are so many ways to find success, and that looks different for each person. Everybody starts from somewhere, and I’ll help you identify your strengths and build a business that you’re proud of.




What I Bring to the Table

I’ve gotten inquiries for Norway, Greece, Africa, Scotland, Mexico, the U.S., and more. I’ve been to workshops, bought online courses, and invested in a fair share of mentor sessions myself. I’m bringing all that to the table + my own experience and everything I’ve learned along the way. I’m holding nothing back!

How do Mentor Sessions work?

You can sign up for one hour, two hour, or three hour sessions. You can inquire about a long-term mentorship too. There’s also the option to tag along on a couple session with me! I’ll teach you how to direct couples, explain my camera settings, and you’ll get great content! (Hint: you can book a Tag Along Session with a mentor session. We can shoot and then sit down with your drink of choice to edit, go over workflow, and make the most of your content!)

I recommend at least two sessions. The second session is a great way to have accountability and clarify any questions after you’ve started applying what you’ve learned.

Topics we can cover (but not limited to):

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You’re on the brink of breakthrough! I’m so stoked to work with you!