Fort Fisher Couple Session

Buni and I lived on the same dorm floor freshman year of college. After years of friendship, I was stoked to get to know her and Sam as a couple. We Hopped in a borrowed truck, played some jams, and headed to Fort Fisher for a romantic couple session! I’ll never tire of adventuring with old + new friends. We told embarrassing stories on the way and laughed at inappropriate jokes, while I tried to take turns that were too tight for a large truck. (Spoiler alert: the car made it home safe to it’s owner completely unscathed)

Coastal Adventure

Because we all live in a little vacation beach town, we’re a little spoiled and decided to get away from our own paradise. So we drove thirty minutes away from Wrightsville Beach. Fort Fisher pleasantly surprised us with it’s fresh change of scenery. This was definitely a change of pace from my Downtown Wilmington Couple Session. A perfect stone jetty leads from the beach out to the sea. Buni and Sam didn’t hesitate even for a second. They took each others hands and started exploring.

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We got a little sandy and sweaty, which is a sign of a good time. After our adventure, we took a breather before loading back up in the truck. Finally, we decided to call it a day and head home. Fort Fisher was perfect for a summer couple session, and we left feeling completely content.

Summer Engagement Photo Tips

Be aware when choosing summer outfits that some light colors show sweat stains, which could be a problem if you’re somewhere hot and humid like our Fort Fisher couple session was. I recommend bringing a change of clothes if you decide to wear light colors, or find a shirt color that will keep all your sweaty secrets safe. The last thing you want to focus on during an engagement photo shoot is whether or not you can convince people you went for a dip in the ocean during the shoot. 


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