Five Tips on How to Save Money Eloping

Five Tips on How to Save Money Eloping

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Couples have come to me wondering if they can afford to elope in their dream location. It breaks my heart when a couple doesn’t go through with it for the sole reason of believing it’s not affordable. It’s actually very doable to elope abroad on a budget. Here are five tips on how to save money eloping:

  1. Find a free “venue”
  2. Get deals on flights
  3. Skip the frills
  4. Find accommodation through Airbnb or similar sites
  5. Get legally married before and save your vows for the elopement

Basic expenses: Dress, Accommodation, Marriage License, Transportation, Photographer. 

Now that you have the bullet points, let’s break each one down so you can actually implement them.

Ideas to help you minimize costs

Five Tips on How to Save Money Eloping

Find a free “venue”

The great outdoors is full of stunning places. This will require some research to check for any necessary permits and to find gorgeous spots that aren’t crawling with tourists. I’m more than happy to help you find a jaw-dropping yet remote place to say your vows. I often work with my couples to find the perfect place that fits their personalities and dreams. Whenever possible, I scout out locations (which is a fancy way of saying I go to the location before the wedding to find the most photogenic spots and make sure there are no unpleasant surprises). Some of my favorite venues are the free locations in nature.

Five Tips on How to Save Money Eloping

Get deals on flights

I have bought countless flights over the years. Throughout the process, I’ve narrowed down my favorite comparison sites that help me find the best deal. My top choices include,, Priceline, and Google Flights. Another idea, is to use airline miles if you’re a loyal member to a specific airline (you could even ask family members to donate miles as a wedding gift. Because let’s face it, you probably already have a great set of silverware for your home). If you’re flexible, that will really open the door to finding a great deal. 

Five Tips on How to Save Money Eloping

Skip the frills

Florals, cake, accessories, hair + makeup, etc., are all nice touches, but you can opt out if you’re trying to stick to a budget. I personally would rather hike up to an out-of-this-world view with just my dress and my man, than miss out on the opportunity to elope all-together because the optional expenses added up too much. Everyone is different, and you’re allowed to prioritize whatever you want because it’s YOUR day- if you want to elope in a dress you found buried in the back of your closet so you can have the best cake of your life instead, do it!

a couple getting married abroad cheaply

Save money eloping by avoiding hotels/resorts

You can find really nice accommodation on a budget when you’re traveling. Airbnb has stepped up to offer beautiful and unique accommodation all over the world. You can check out Airbnb Plus or Luxe – it’s a gold mine! is another great option that shows deals on hotels, B&B’s, and more.

Five Tips on How to Save Money Eloping

Get legally married before and save your vows for the elopement

Get your marriage license and legally get married beforehand. Go to your local courthouse and fill out all the paperwork to make it legal. You can still save your vows for the elopement and skip hiring a separate officiant for the elopement location if you choose. It’s just as meaningful to commit your lives together even if your technically married before.

free outdoor wedding venue

Based on your budget and preferences, you can add on florals, a coordinator, hair + makeup artist, videography, and more. Everyone’s preferences and priorities are different, so overall costs will vary. Eloping really can be much cheaper than a traditional wedding, even if you’re traveling abroad. Hopefully these tips will help empower you to create the day of your dreams. Reach out and let’s create something extraordinary together!

Now that You Have Tips on How to Save Money Eloping

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