Edinburgh Engagement Photos

Edinburgh Engagement Photos

When I first visited Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, I was enchanted. The culture, the architecture, and the friendly locals all drew me in. I was so excited to meet Matt + Tamar, who had moved to the city a year earlier, for Edinburgh Engagement Photos. If you’re visiting Edinburgh, I highly recommend hiking Arthur’s Seat and going up to Calton Hill for the views. Scroll to the bottom for a local city guide if you’re looking for things to do in Edinburgh. I lived in Scotland for the summer and found all the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of the city.

Exploring Scotland

First, I met Matt + Tamar at the Milkman for coffee. Then we wandered the streets of Edinburgh. These two have the biggest hearts and have become dear friends of mine. I was inspired by their affection for each other and how naturally they fit together. We had so much fun exploring the city for their Edinburgh engagement photos. If you want to see another Edinburgh city shoot, check out my post from Circus Lane + Dean Village.

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Edinburgh City Travel Guide

Here’s the golden checklist for your first trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Hike Arthur’s Seat
  • Calton Hill
  • Circus Lane
  • Dean Village
  • Stockbridge Market
  • Princes Street shopping
  • Grassmarket – Mary’s Milk Bar and Rooftop bar with Castle view
  • Royal Mile (Street with the castle and royal palace)
  • Pub + Chippies
  • Catch a Show
  • The Meadows
  • Royal Botanicals
  • Try a local cafe
  • Eat Haggis
  • Road trip to Isle of Skye
  • Mary King’s Close
  • Whisky Tasting

Local Tips from an Edinburgh Engagement Photographer

Famous Streets Great for Edinburgh Engagement Photos or travelers

You have the list, now here are my local tips. Circus Lane is famous for it’s charm, and you’ll find plenty of bloggers talking about this picturesque street. Mary King’s Close is known for its history and offers eerie tours.  Princes Street is known for the shopping, however, it’s a bit too touristy for my taste. I prefer to walk along the charming George Street or Rose Street, which both run parallel and are less busy. The Royal Mile has a reason for its name. It begins at the castle and leads down to palace at the end of the mile long street. Victoria Street is said to have been an inspiration for Diagon Ally in Harry Potter. As a result, you’ll find people from all over the world here.


Head down to Grassmarket for ice cream. Mary’s Milk Bar is famous for good reason. It has freshly made unique flavors. Just prepare for the line in the summer. Also, head up to Cold Town House for a beer on the rooftop with a view of the castle. Local tip: you have to order your beer on the first floor and then take it up to the rooftop.

Scottish Food + Beverages

If you’re brave give haggis a try. It’s a traditional Scottish dish. I had some at Tolbooth Market on the Royal Mile. You can get vegan or veggie haggis if you don’t eat meat or are hesitant to try the real deal. Other famous foods/drinks are macaroni pie, scotch pie, sausage rolls, tatties (The Piemaker on South Bridge Street has most of these and is really good). Irn Bru is the Scottish soda. Therefore, locals love it. Lastly, Scotland is known for its whisky, and your trip wouldn’t be complete without a whisky tour.

Night on the Town

If you want a night out, there are plenty of places. The Three Sisters is my favorite, and there are plenty of options on the same street. However, head to George Street if you want to dress up and enjoy a cocktail. End the night with a chippy. Pro tip: A real chippy joint will sell fried Mars bars. I like to order chips (which mean fries in case you’re American like me) and cheese with brown sauce. Trust me, it’s the perfect end to a night out and, consequently, a true part of the Scottish culture. Edinburgh is truly an incredible place. If you’re visiting, reach out and let’s set up a couple photoshoot to document your adventure. This is going to be a trip you’ll want to remember!


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