Business Tools for Wedding Photographers

4 Resources Every Photographer Needs

Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned pro, these resources will help you run a successful business + up-level your game. I’ve tried skimping out, and trust me, it’s not worth it. If you want to provide a quality experience for your clients, these tools will help you better serve your couples.

  1. Pic-Time
  2. HoneyBook
  3. Tailwind
  4. Flodesk


Pic-Time is an online photo gallery. It’s a professional way to deliver photos to your clients. Long gone are the days of sending USB Flash Drive or Google Drive folders to your clients. What I love about Pic-Time is how clean and professional it looks. It’s easy to upload photos, create highlights, and automate print sales. I have the Advanced package because I wanted unlimited storage. I’ve used other online galleries, and Pic-Time is my favorite because it’s easy to use (for you and your clients), uploads quickly, and looks professional. Below is the link and a Pic-Time referral code for you to try it out!

Here’s a referral code for your first month free: XENHGH

Click here to check out Pic-Time.


HoneyBook is a game-changer. I’ll be honest, I didn’t use it to it’s full potential at first. There’s so much you can do on there, but my favorite way to use HoneyBook is to send contracts, keep my clients organized in the calendar, and create email workflows. It allows you to see when clients have read your emails + contracts and reminds you to follow up. Online contracts with digital signatures are a must, especially if your clients live all over the world. You can also send invoices and collect payments on Honeybook. There are a million other things you can do on there, and it’s a resource I couldn’t function without!

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You can use Tailwind to schedule pins from your website to Pinterest. Why is this such a great thing? You can have a massive reach on Pinterest and drive traffic to your website. After I started using Tailwind, I went from less than 1k monthly viewers to over 120K monthly viewers in less than a year. Tailwind has an extension you can put on your browser to make it easier. Pinterest is often under-utilized, but it’s great because pins have a longer shelf-life than social media platforms like Instagram. Pins gain more traction over time, and a pin from a year ago can go viral!

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Flodesk is great for email lists! Hear “email list” and cringe? I used to too, but with Flodesk, emails don’t look tacky. They have beautiful layouts and make it really easy to automate emails to your list. It also lets you collect emails on your website. You can send helpful information, tips, and inspiration to couples. You can also create multiple email flows to different audiences. It’s worth checking out!

I’m Emily, and these resources have helped me build an international photography business. They’re all online, and I can use them on-the-go to offer my clients the best possible experience. Follow @emilykiddphoto on Instagram and DM me what your favorite resources are! Feel free to reach out if you have questions on how any of these tools work. Can’t wait to see you on the gram!


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