Arthur’s Seat Engagement

Arthur’s Seat Engagement

Arthur’s Seat is my favorite spot in Edinburgh. It’s located at the end of the Royal Mile in Holyrood Park. While it’s a bit of a steep hike, the views at the top are absolutely worth it. Conrad + Geneve are a South African couple who traveled to Scotland for a vacation. Arthur’s Seat is a classic location in Scotland for engagement photos. We hiked in Holyrood to Arthur’s Summit, stopping along the way to enjoy all the different views. I love that this hike is so close to the city. It’s only a fifteen minute walk from Old Town Edinburgh. Arthur’s Seat is a must-see if you’re planning a visit to Edinburgh.

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Five Things to Pack for Scotland

At first when we met, it was drizzling out, but the weather cleared up quickly. It’s always a good idea to layer up, because one minute it will be cold + rainy, and the next it will be hot + sunny. Therefore, I recommend bringing a rain jacket, an umbrella. Also, I suggest bringing rain boots or water resistant shoes. I have a pair of waterproof booties that I wear rain or shine from MadeWell. They’re honestly a life saver. Also, bring a reusable water bottle. The tap water here is clean and you can save money + plastic by bringing your own. I recommend bringing a portable phone charger for any international travel. Amazon sells them quite cheap, and they’re so handy!

To sum it all up, here’s five things to pack for Scotland:

  1. Rainboots
  2. Rain jacket
  3. Umbrella
  4. Reusable water bottle
  5. Phone charger


I’m a Spain based wedding photographer. My passion is capturing the authenticity of your relationship + the essence of the experience. I help my couples create unique adventures.

I’ve traveled to 25+ countries, capturing destination weddings and elopements internationally. So whether you’re looking for a photographer in Scotland or Morocco, I’m always down to meet you for an incredible journey.

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